Mobile asset recovery services for businesses, schools, and their partners who supply and manage mobile assets in their environment.
We are experts in delivering technologically advanced reCommerce solutions for our clients Mobile Assets; enabling simplified, compliant, and high yield asset payout programs.

How does Mobile reCell technology simplify the mobile device recovery process?


How do we ensure consistent high payouts for used mobile devices?


How do we ensure security and compliance during device processing?


How does Mobile reCell technology simplify the mobile device recovery process?

  • Automated device collection and logistics.

    • You no longer need to worry about the task of collecting devices and letting them accumulate in your office. Ask us about our methods of streamlining the recovery process enabling employees to easily send in their devices using pre-paid labels they can print from our customer portal. When your employee needs to turn in a device due to damages, upgrades, or employee turnover, our clients spend little time and effort to facilitate the process.
    • Once a request is triggered, each step is tracked for ease of oversight, and employees or managers can be notified as necessary to the status of their request(s).
  • API's are used for integration in mobility management software.

    • We’ve integrated our software to the leading mobility management software providers, allowing for single system tracking and complete process integrations to simplify the end of lifecycle management and processing of mobile devices. Not sure if we have an integration you need? Ask us how we can integrate with your software, website, or intranet.
  • Real time tracking of all devices.

    • In our client dashboard, customers are able to see and report in detail on the status of all their requests. Leveraging the data collected via API’s and real time input tracking, users can see or be notified of changes in status, such as In Transit, Received, Processing, Device Detail Report, and final payment. Courrier details are also made available through the platform for each request.
    • Clients are able to see if requests for trade-in devices have been created, for who, and if they have been completed. Those requests that are still in pre-shipment status can trigger reminder emails, manager notification, and comprehensive reporting on users with outstanding requests.
    • After reports are provided post-processing, devices requested for trade-in can be compared to the devices received, processed, and paid for by Mobile reCell.
  • Real time fair market value, market insights, and bulk quoting tools

    • We provide our customers with Fair Market Value data on their device inventory, and maintain those estimated values for 15 days.
    • Looking longer term? We provide our customers with Market Insights, a tool that allows you to see the data on used mobile device market, including their sold price, market environment analysis, and a depreciating resale value analysis for specific models.
    • Our bulk quoting tool generates instant estimates of your inventory, for simple quoting of your mobile assets. These quotes can be downloaded or emailed to the members of your team from the platform.

How do we ensure consistent high payouts for user mobile devices?

  • We take the complex, and simplify it with our organized network of sales channels.

    • Our team has coordinated across the various sales channels that support the secondary mobile device market and fully understood their needs, weighed that against the needs of our clients, and identified the right channels to work through based on those details. We target the sales channel that needs your devices, and not the sales channel that will take every device type that we have in a consolidated lot. This break out, and extra step, allows our customers to realize the highest possible value for their individual devices by type.
    • The value of our service is found in the details, and that especially applies to the channels we use to maximize the value of your mobile assets.
  • We use the best, to be the best. Our 3rd party partners for data wiping, processing, and warehousing of mobile assets for our customers lead the industry in PROCESS, COMPLIANCE, and EFFICIENCY.

    • Leveraging industry leading partners allows for Mobile reCell to guarantee efficient and compliant processing in accordance with industry standard certification requirements. These partners allow Mobile reCell to maintain focus on its expertise, proper resale channels of client devices and mobility lifecycle process consulting.
  • Our focus on technology puts AUTOMATION first, and manual processes second; freeing up our resources to be your resources.

    • The Mobile reCell team are experts in asset recovery and device inventory, reselling, and recycling. They become your experts, allowing you to trust the best process for your organization has been identified, implemented, and maintains efficiency throughout your program.
    • Simplified collection, efficient logistics, and in-depth refresh analysis provides your organization with higher adoption and increased payout results.
  • Realize higher ADOPTION through automated PROCESS and ANALYTICS.

    • Organizations leveraging our platform to track end user device return have realized a 75% return rate post implementation, compared with a rate of return that was lower than 20% before implementation.

How do we ensure security and compliance during device processing?

  • We utilize an experienced, certified, and trusted 3rd party processor for data-wiping, processing, and warehousing of devices.

    • Devices are processed under top industry environmental and security certifications.
    • Devices arrive at a facility where grading of the devices is completely non-biased. The standards in which our customers’ devices are graded to determine value is not done by Mobile reCell, which allows for a fair evaluation.
    • Devices are not allowed to leave the facility in which they are processed unless they are data-wiped. If they cannot be data-wiped, they are destroyed. 
    • A certification of data destruction is provided for all devices.
  • Real time tracking of all devices.

    • Knowing the status of each device throughout the recovery process also contributes to the peace of mind our customers have when sending their mobile devices to us.
  • Real time fair market value

    • Leveraging our Fair Market Value and Market Insights tools provides our clients insight to the industry, validation of the value they receive, and confidence they will continue to see that value leveraging the Mobile reCell tool.
    • The Market Insights tool collects data from the largest retailers of refurbished and resold devices, identifying sold value’s by device type and providing our clients with insight to the depreciation trends of their mobile assets.


All of the tools needed to effectively plan and manage mobile device retirement, repair, and refreshes. Right at your fingertips! discover more...

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Mobile reCell API methods: Bringing efficiency to enterprise mobile asset value recovery through technology.

When it comes to enterprise mobile device buyback and recycling, making the process of asset disposition by the thousands at a time from many locations efficient, transparent, and hands off for the customer is key.

We leverage an industry leading processor for data-wiping, processing and warehousing of mobile assets. All assets are received by Belmont Trading in Chicago, IL, and processed within their R2, ISO 14001, and NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certified facility.

*Devices are not received or processed at Mobile reCell's corporate office.
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Corporate value recovery program

Our value recovery solutions can be applied to all environments, and tailored to your needs.

Customizable, intuitive dashboard

Track returns and measure value recovery against real-time data in a centralized, intuitive, mobile responsive platform built specifically for device lifecycle management.

API Integration

Our platform can communicate with 3rd party systems through our simplified API for improved efficiency, automation, and transparency.

Reporting + Tracking

Stay informed with real-time logistics updates, environmental impact reports, and recouped value comparisons.

Market Insights

Plan ahead, leverage the experts, and know the market trends for the devices your business will cycle out, before they hit the end of their cycle.

Ongoing Support

Your business will change device models, technology or program goals and our team is available to consult and guide your business through the risk, rewards, and best practices for a successful device migration.

Self Service Tools

Minimize the time to decision by leveraging our self service fair market analysis data, quote generators, and on demand pre-paid shipping label generator.

Mobile Device Repair Management

An intuitive, easy to use application that provides repair service providers and repair customers the best solution for managing device repairs.

Fast payment

Receive payment for your devices FAST, leveraging all available payment options or credit towards mobile device purchases.

Accountability + transparency

Our user driven platform design gives your business access to accurate, real-time reporting through the platform.

On-site serialization, data wiping, and pick-up

On-site migration and device collection support is available through our white glove services team.

Certified and Compliant Data Destruction

Devices are received by our partner processor (Belmont Trading, Chicago) and are data wiped within their R2, ISO 14001, and NAID certified facility.


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